Unveiling the Symbolism and Meanings of Dreaming About Eyes


Key Takeaways:

  • Dreams about eyes can hold deep symbolic meaning, representing good, evil, protection, vision, knowledge, wisdom, and mystery.
  • Eyes in dreams can represent the soul, intuition, emotional state and awareness, perspective and clarity, and may be seen as both positive and negative omens.
  • Various dream scenarios involving eyes include seeing one’s own eyes, changing eye colors, injuries to the eye, closed or stuck-shut eyes, glowing or shining eyes, evil eye dreams, and more.
  • The interpretation of dreaming about eyes also varies in different cultures, religions and psychological perspectives.

Have you ever had a dream about eyes? While it may seem like a strange topic to discuss, the symbolism and meaning behind these dreams can be significant. Understanding the various scenarios and perspectives can help provide insight into our inner selves and the world around us.

Symbolism and Meaning of Eyes in Dreams

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In our dreams, eyes can manifest in various ways, such as one eye falling out or bleeding eyes, or even noticing bright blue eyes on someone. This powerful image can contain both positive and negative symbols depending on the context of the dream. It could symbolize our connection to our own inner sight, often referred to as the “third eye,” which is metaphoric for looking, watching, viewing, seeing, and awareness.

1. Representation of the Soul and Intuition

Eyes in dreams often represent our own soul and intuition. They are windows to our inner world and can reveal insights about our emotions, thoughts, and spiritual growth. Dreaming of one’s own eyes can symbolize love, family connections, and the ability to see the blessings in one’s own life. It reminds us of how we use our eyes as human beings – to see, interact, and navigate through life.

Acknowledging our own eyes during a dream suggests a need to understand our life purpose. It signifies a spiritual dimension to the dreamer that may involve developing intuition or psychic abilities. Carl Jung once said, “Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakes.” This quote emphasizes the importance of self-reflection and inner awareness in order to awaken our true selves.

2. Reflection of Emotional State and Awareness

Paying attention to other people’s eyes in our dreams can provide valuable insights into our emotional state and awareness of others. The emotions, thoughts, and intentions associated with the eyes of individuals in our dreams offer clues for understanding and decoding the dream’s meaning.

For instance, encountering someone who gives you a “bad eye” or negative energy can affect your mood and well-being. Similarly, noticing greedy aspects within yourself or others can manifest through the eyes in your dream. These dream scenarios often represent conflicts, misunderstandings, or toxic relationships that need attention and resolution.

3. Indication of Perspective and Clarity

Dreams about eyes can also symbolize how we perceive the world and gain clarity in different situations. Various idioms and phrases related to eyes highlight their significance in our waking lives:

  • “Eye for an eye”
    Reflects a desire for justice or the need to reciprocate actions.
  • “Bird’s eye view”
    Represents a holistic perspective or a broader understanding of a situation.
  • “Catch someone’s eye”
    Symbolizes attracting attention or being noticed by someone.
  • “Crying eyes out”
    Indicates emotional distress, sorrow, or the need for emotional release.
  • “Turning a blind eye”
    Represents intentionally ignoring or disregarding something.
  • “Not seeing eye to eye”
    Reflects differences in opinion or conflicting perspectives.
  • “Keeping an eye out”
    Suggests being vigilant or watchful for potential dangers or opportunities.
    These idioms and phrases illustrate the common association between eyes and perception, highlighting the importance of paying attention to one’s own perspective and others’ viewpoints.

4. Positive and Negative Omen

The symbolism of eyes in dreams can vary between positive and negative omens depending on the context. Observing the people, locations, and feelings associated with eyes in your dreams provides clues to decipher their meaning.

Positive interpretations often include themes such as protection, clarity, intuition, spiritual growth, and gaining insight. On the other hand, negative interpretations may involve feelings of vulnerability, deceit, conflicts, or unresolved emotions. It is essential to consider the overall atmosphere of the dream and the emotions experienced to fully understand the significance of the eyes symbol.

5. Various Dream Scenarios Involving Eyes

Eyes in dreams can manifest in different scenarios, each with its own unique symbolism. Here are some common dream scenarios involving eyes and their possible meanings:

One Eye Dream Meaning

Dreaming of having one eye, commonly associated with “the all-seeing” eye of God or the Eye of Providence, symbolizes a lack of clarity or an inability to see things clearly. It may indicate a need to gain a more comprehensive perspective or uncover hidden insights through inner work or soul searching.

Pitch Black Eye Dream

Dreaming of pitch-black eyes signifies the exploration of our shadow selves – the dark, unknown aspects that we may be unwilling to confront or acknowledge. It can also be influenced by Hollywood depictions of soulless individuals, leading to nightmarish dream settings.

Losing Eye in Dream Meaning

Losing an eye in a dream suggests a temporary loss of vision or insight in a specific area of life. It symbolizes blind spots, obscured emotions, or limitations hindering personal growth. Reflecting on what is causing this temporary blindness and focusing on regaining sight can lead to finding solutions or new perspectives.

Changing Eye Color in Dreams

Dreams depicting changes in eye color, such as shifting from blue to green, may imply unconscious desires for novelty and exoticism. Blue eyes symbolize protection, positive energy, and good karma, while green eyes represent curiosity about nature, passionate relationships, and a positive outlook on life.

Glowing Eyes in Dream Meaning

Glowing eyes often serve as attention-grabbing symbols in dreams. Glowing white eyes suggest purity and innocence, while glowing red eyes typically symbolize anger, passion, or aspects of one’s shadow self.

Closed Eye and Driving Dream

Dreaming of closed eyes while driving highlights a lack of awareness or being “blinded” in your life path. It signifies the need to stay vigilant and use all your senses to navigate through life’s challenges.

Injury to Eye in Dream

Dreams involving eye injuries indicate potential hindrances to your awareness or perception of a specific situation. It may suggest a lack of clarity or issues with how you view and understand the world around you. Exploring who or what caused the injury can reveal where these challenges or limitations originate.

Eyeliner Dream Meaning

Dreaming of applying eyeliner suggests a change in how you perceive or express yourself. It symbolizes a shift in your outlook or attention toward specific areas of your life.

Empty Socket Dream Meaning

Noticing an empty eye socket in a dream can evoke feelings of fear or dread. It represents aspects of yourself that you ignore or refuse to face, shadowy aspects hidden from view that may need acknowledgment and integration.

Bleeding Eyes in Dreams

Blood is often associated with fire, passion, anger, life force, or vitality. Bleeding eyes symbolize pain, suffering, or emotional distress in your life. It serves as a call to look within, examining harsh truths and unacknowledged aspects of yourself. If someone else’s eyes appear red in the dream, it may represent ignored aspects of yourself.

No Eyes in Dreams

Having no eyes in a dream reflects parts of yourself that you cannot see within or how you perceive others. It prompts reflection on areas of your life that remain obscured or invisible from your conscious awareness.

Eyes Falling Out in Dreams

When eyes fall out in dreams, it suggests a temporary loss of vision or insight. It could represent aspects of yourself or how you see the world that are temporarily unavailable or fragmented. The context and emotions experienced during the dream provide further insight into its meaning.

Stuck Shut in Dreams

Dreaming of eyes being stuck shut represents an obstruction in your vision and awareness. It suggests being unable or unwilling to see certain aspects of your life, situations, or emotions. The people and location surrounding you in the dream provide clues regarding where to focus your exploration.

Three Eyes Dream

A dream of three eyes draws attention to awareness and intuition. It symbolizes the third eye, which represents mystical and esoteric beliefs related to expanded perception beyond ordinary sight.

Swollen Eye Dream

Dreaming of a swollen eye signifies blocked ideas, thoughts, or situations that hinder your ability to see clearly. It suggests an internal issue affecting your interactions with others. The emotions experienced during the dream reflect these obstacles and the need for resolution.

Evil Eye

Dreams involving the evil eye symbolize the need for protection or encountering someone with ill intentions. It raises awareness of negative energy or jealousy directed towards you.

Common Dream Scenarios

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Dreams about eyes can hold deep meaning and offer insight into our inner thoughts and emotions. Here are some common dream scenarios involving eyes and their potential interpretations:

1. Seeing One’s Own Eyes

  • Seeing your own eyes in a dream can represent self-reflection, love, family, and the ability to see the blessings in your own world.
  • It may signify a need to understand your life purpose and look within yourself for guidance.
  • This dream can also symbolize the spiritual side of the dreamer, as eyes are often seen as windows to the soul.

2. Changing Eye Colors

  • Dreams where your eye color changes can indicate unconscious desires to be unique or different.
  • Blue eyes may symbolize protection, positive energy, and good karma.
  • Green eyes can represent a curiosity about nature, passionate relationships, and a positive outlook on life.

3. Injuries to the Eye

  • Dreams about injuries to the eyes may suggest that your senses or awareness are being hindered in some way.
  • It could symbolize a lack of clarity or understanding in a particular situation or relationship.
  • Consider the location and who caused the injury to gain insights into potential sources of conflict or blocked perception.

4. Closed or Stuck-Shut Eyes

  • Dreaming of closed or stuck-shut eyes signifies a lack of awareness or an inability to see certain things in your life.
  • It suggests that you may be avoiding or refusing to acknowledge something important or not wanting to face a particular situation.
  • Pay attention to the people and surroundings in the dream to gain further insights into what needs attention.

5. Evil Eye Dreams

  • Dreams about the evil eye often indicate a need for protection or exposure to someone’s negative energy.
  • It could suggest that someone has bad intentions towards you or that you are feeling jealous or envious of someone else.
  • Be cautious of who you trust and be aware of your own thoughts and actions to avoid negative influences.

6. Glowing, Bright, or Shining Eyes

  • Seeing glowing, bright, or shining eyes in a dream often indicates the need for attention or awareness.
  • It may signify a message or a sign from your subconscious or the spiritual realm to pay attention to a particular situation or aspect of yourself.
  • Consider the color of the glowing eyes for further interpretation. White can suggest purity and innocence, while red may indicate anger or passion.

Cultural, Religious and Psychological Perspectives

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Dreams involving eyeballs have deep significance in different cultures, religions, and psychological perspectives. They are seen as powerful symbols that can reveal important messages from our subconscious mind. Let’s explore the various interpretations of dreaming about eyeballs.

1. Different Cultural Interpretations

  1. Ancient Egyptian Culture
    In ancient Egypt, dreams about eyes were seen as a spiritual connection with the divine. They believed that the eyes were a portal to the soul and dreaming of eyes represented a profound connection with one’s inner self.
  2. Native American Culture
    Native American tribes see dreaming about eyes as symbolic of discernment and the ability to use observation rather than emotion when making decisions. They consider it a sign of heightened awareness and intuition.
  3. Chinese Culture
    In Chinese culture, dreaming of eyes is associated with good luck and prosperity. It is believed to bring clarity of vision and insight into difficult situations.
  4. Greek Culture
    In Greek mythology, dreams about eyes are often associated with the evil eye. They believed that when someone had intense and jealous eyes in a dream, it could indicate ill intentions towards the dreamer.

2. Psychological Analysis Based on Dream Scenarios

  1. One Eye Falling Out
    Dreaming of one eye falling out suggests a loss of perspective or clarity in one’s life. It may represent an inability to see things clearly or make sound judgments.
  2. Bleeding Eyes
    Blood is often associated with passion, anger, or vitality. Dreaming of bleeding eyes can suggest pain or suffering taking place in one’s life. It may indicate that something is causing emotional distress or harshly affecting our perception of reality.
  3. Closed Eye And Driving
    Dreaming of closed eyes while driving represents a lack of awareness or focus on one’s life path. It suggests feeling blinded or unable to see the direction we are heading in.
  4. Changing Eye Color
    Eyes that change color from blue to green in a dream can symbolize a desire for something exotic or a curiosity about nature and positive outlook on life. Different eye colors reflect different traits and emotions.

3. Eye Dreams in the Light of Various Religions

  1. Christianity
    Eyes are often seen as windows to the soul in Christianity. Dreaming about eyes can be interpreted as a call to deep self-reflection, to look within and understand one’s life purpose.
  2. Hinduism
    In Hindu mythology, the third eye represents spiritual awakening and perception beyond ordinary sight. Dreaming of the third eye can indicate a connection with intuition, awareness, and inner wisdom.
  3. Islam
    Eyes are considered sacred in Islam, and dreaming about eyes can symbolize divine protection and guidance. It may indicate a need to trust in God’s plan and seek inner clarity.
  4. Buddhism
    Buddhism emphasizes mindfulness and insight. Dreaming about eyes in Buddhism can represent the development of spiritual awareness and a deeper understanding of oneself and the world.


Remember that dreams are personal and unique to every individual, so it is important to look inward when analyzing the meaning of your dreams about eyes. It may be helpful to keep a dream journal to track recurring themes and symbols. If you find yourself feeling uneasy about a particular dream, it is always a good idea to speak with a therapist or spiritual advisor. Above all, trust your intuition and don’t be afraid to explore the mysterious world of dreams. They may contain valuable insight and guidance that can help you navigate through life’s challenges. Sweet dreams!

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