The Meaning of Dreaming About Choking


Key Takeaways:

  • Dreams about choking can indicate the need to slow down and fully engage with your experiences, while also serving as a reminder to take the time to savor the present moment.
  • Choking can symbolize restriction and a lack of freedom, urging individuals to make changes and seek a new path to express different aspects of their being.
  • Dreams of choking can also be warnings of potential risks or obstacles, as well as a desire for emotional connection and authenticity in relationships.
  • Different scenarios of choking dreams carry unique interpretations, such as choking on food representing feeling overwhelmed or controlled, while being saved from choking symbolizes the presence of support and protection in one’s life.

Have you ever woken up gasping for air after dreaming about choking? If so, you’re not alone. Dreams about choking can be unsettling, but they also carry important messages about your life. Let’s explore the interpretation and symbolism of these dreams to better understand what they’re trying to tell us.

General Symbolism and Meaning

1. Slowing Down and Participating Fully with Experience

Choking in a dream can indicate the need to slow down and fully engage with your experiences. Just as choking on something occurs when we haven’t properly chewed or digested it, this symbolism suggests that you may be rushing through life without fully embracing or processing your emotions or experiences. These dreams serve as a reminder to take the time to slow down, savor the present moment, and fully engage with the world around you.

2. Stifling a Part of Your Nature

Dreams of choking someone can indicate that you are repressing or stifling a certain aspect of your own nature. The person you are choking in the dream represents a part of yourself that is being denied expression and integration. If the person is unknown, it suggests that you may not be aware of the importance of this part of yourself. The adjective used to describe the person in the dream (e.g., angry, saying something) reveals the specific aspect of your nature that is being stifled.

3. Danger and Fear

Choking can be a fatal occurrence, and seeing yourself or someone else choking in a dream signifies danger. These dreams serve as warnings from your subconscious or guardian spirits about potential threats or risks in your life. They reflect your constant fear of danger and a desire for protection from negativity. It’s important to pay attention to these warning signs and take necessary precautions to safeguard yourself from potential harm.

4. Restriction and Lack of Freedom

Choking in dreams symbolizes restriction and a lack of freedom. It signifies that you may be feeling trapped or suffocated in certain areas of your life. These dreams serve as a message from your guardian spirits, urging you to make changes in your life to release pent-up emotions and alleviate the sense of confinement. It’s essential to seek a new path or make necessary adjustments to allow yourself the freedom to express and explore different aspects of your being.

5. Desire for Love and Authenticity

Just like any other human being, you have a deep desire for love and authenticity. Dreams of choking can indicate this longing for emotional connection and a genuine bond with others. These dreams suggest that you have strong desires to communicate your feelings and thoughts, seeking validation and authenticity in your relationships. While your career may be on track, what you truly crave is a space where you can be your true self and find love and acceptance.

Common Choke Dream Scenarios and Their Meanings

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Dreams can take many forms, but one recurring theme that many people experience is dreams of choking. This can be a distressing and unsettling experience, but it can also hold valuable insights into our subconscious mind. Here are some common choke dream scenarios and their meanings:

Scenario Interpretation
Dreaming about choking Feeling restricted in life, obstacles inhibiting your success, a longing for relief and happiness
Dreaming about a baby choking Fragility, seeking protection, potential hurt or harm by someone close, need for quality time with loved ones
Dreaming of son or daughter choking Health issues in the family, spending quality time with loved ones, potential loss of a family member
Dreaming about a child choking Inner turmoil, eagerness to express emotions, craving approval and acceptance from others
Dreaming about choking on food Warning from guardian angels, need for proper self-expression, unexpected embarrassment in public
Dreaming about choking on hair Hesitation to take on responsibilities, overthinking leading to hesitation
Dreaming about choking on worms Miscommunication, being taken for granted, others taking advantage of your innocence
Dreaming about choking on sharp objects Professional challenges, colleagues turning into foes, lack of cooperation
Dreaming about choking on a chewing gum Irrelevant decisions made in haste, feeling controlled and bored
Dreaming about choking on blood Danger ahead, risky situations meant to test you, need for balance and happiness
Dreaming about choking while driving Carelessness, making severe mistakes with work and reputation at stake
Dreaming about choking to death Hindrance, feeling rejected and restricted, need to overcome anxiety and embrace positivity
Dreaming of someone choking to death Negative impact of bad company, deviation from goals, focus on destroying others’ happiness
Dreaming of being choked by someone Emotional stress, work pressure, suffocation in life, seeking relief
Dreaming about choking by a spirit Dealing with risky situations or choices, desire for change and progress
Dreaming about choking on pollution Influence of negative energies, resorting to unethical actions in pursuit of victory
Dreaming about being unconscious due to choking Impatience, hastiness in decision-making, regretting impulsive choices
Dreaming about choking by lover Feeling cheated or betrayed, lack of trust in relationships, seeking emotional healing
Dreaming about a snake choking you Destruction, need to improve communication skills, avoiding people who might take advantage


If you have been having dreams about choking and feel disturbed or anxious, take a deep breath and know that there is no need to panic. Your subconscious mind is simply trying to communicate with you, and these dreams can offer valuable insights into your emotional state and current life circumstances. Take some time to reflect on the details of your dreams, as well as your waking experiences, and see if you can identify any patterns or messages that may be relevant. Remember to be gentle with yourself and seek support from trusted friends or professionals if needed. With awareness and intention, you can use the symbolism of these dreams to foster personal growth and positive change in your life.

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